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Re: QUERY: Elphinstone, Idaho?
Seems plausible. Although the correspondence of a fictional location to a "real" counterpart need not be one-to-one. Utana, after all, would seem to be both Utah and Montana, and neither.

Nabokv-L <nabokv-l@UTK.EDU> wrote: ------------------
I have a question regarding the location of Elphinstone in 'Lolita'.
Dieter E. Zimmer, in his "Lolita USA" website very convincingly places
Elphinstone in Utah. But Idaho seems a likely candidate as well. Idaho's
nickname is "The Gem State" which fits Humbert's claim that Elphinstone is
in "a gem of a western state." Also in the 'Lolita' screenplay Quilty's
car has plates from Idaho. Placing Elphinstone in Idaho would advance a
project that I am currently working on which makes me hesitant to follow
this lead without thoroughly exhausting all possibilities.
Any assistance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
thank you,
Rachel Ronning

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