Vladimir Nabokov

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VN and Graham Greene
I'm doing some research on VN and Graham Greene. I read in an interview with Dimitri in which he says that his father either read him or gave him a book by GG. Dimitri: if you see this would you kindly tell me what book it was, and if you can remember why your father chose it for you, and what he had to say about GG and his writing. I am aware of GG's interest in Lolita and all the humourous events surrounding his defense of the book, but I also wonder what your father may have had to say about Greene in other contexts and contacts. For instance, they had lunch together after the Lolita brouhaha. Do you know what he thought of Greene personally after meeting with him? If anyone else has information about connections between these two, please let me know. I am enormously grateful for all your attention and help. Fran Assa

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