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How To Be A Gothic Lolita ...
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How To Be A Gothic Lolita By John Brownlee [image:
28, 2007 | 11:14:13 AM
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WikiHow has posted the intriguingly titled article "How To Be A Gothic
Lolita." The perverted heart begins pounding with masturbation-like
regularity: surely, such an article will deal with teachning 14 year old
girls to listen to Type O Negative and seduce synaesthetic Russian
professors. But what the f...

Throw away any pre/misconceptions you may have! Gothic Lolita is not
necessarily related to what you think of as "Goth". It is not a reference to
Vladimir Nabokov's famous novel Lolita and followers of the style do not
consider it to be a sexual style. Instead, adherents present themselves as
young victorian girls and consider it necessary to look "cute," "beautiful,"
or "elegant" rather than "sexy."

So step one in being a Gothic Lolita is to be neither Gothic OR a Lolita?
What is wrong with Japan? Good god. Eliza — sleeping soundly in her tiny
coffin, stuffed with teddy bears and prophylactics — probably coughing up
thick, mucousy lungfuls of blood right about now. She can feel cosmic
aesthetic wrong.

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