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Waxwing, a music video ...
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Wis-Kino gets 'complicated' for its spring Kabaret
View several films from the screening
Kristian Knutsen<>on
Sunday 06/17/2007 03:06:09,

*Waxwing*, a music video with commentary by John Feith


By all accounts, the Sunday, May 13 screening of short films created for the
spring Kabaret at Wis-Kino <> was an entertaining
one, all nine completed entries convincingly incorporating the required
theme of "complicated." This rather abstract element was announced the
previous Friday at the kick-off
the biannual festival organized by the local group dedicated to short
films. A two-day frenzy of filmmaking followed, capped by the second
screening at the Orpheum Stage Door theater.

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- *Waxwing <>* by John
Inspired by a poem in Vladimir Nabokov's *Pale Fire*, music video
focuses upon cedar waxwings eating the flowers of a crabapple tree in the UW
Arboretum. This serves as the backdrop to "running commentary by a deranged
person," explains Feith, who also performed the music for it. "This
commentator thinks that this video is brilliant," he quips in conclusion.
The short follows:

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