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uproar over Fauns and Nijinky

On Jul 30, 2008, at 3:25 PM, jansymello wrote:
> Concerning VN's references to Arcadian faunlets & nymphets,
> catamites and his Lolita "brood" was how Diaghilev's very real ones
> caused, apparently, less scandal than VN's "nymphets" in novel and
> movies. The critical articles about "Nijinski" which I found were
> different in tone from those concerning Kubrick's and Adrian
> Lynne's "Lolita". In both cases we find pedophilia but the
> destinies of young boys and girls seem to arouse different
> reactions from spectators.

Dear Jansy,

No pedohilia in L'apres midi d'une faune* - - but Nijinsky's
suggestive miming of the faun masturbating himself against the ground
certainly was scandalous and did create a riot in the theater upon
its first performance. Debussy himself was outraged, but Dangleleaf,
undaunted, had the ballet immediately repeated. The papers were also
in an uproar over the scandalous "filthy, bestial and indecent


*Nijinsky is himself the faun, teased by nymphs who escape his
advances, leaving behind a scarf ...

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