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Report about an interview with V. Nabokov: Neil Kickey
In Dieter Zimmer's site, listing VN interviews
[http://www.d-e-zimmer.de/HTML/NABinterviews.htm] there is the indication of

Hickey, Neil: "The Author of 'Lolita'" ["Lolitas" Autor]. The American
Weekly (New York), 4-Oct-59, pp. 12-13
Juliar H14
The American Weekly was the Sunday magazine supplement of several American
dailies, including Washington Post, New York Journal & American, San
Francisco Examiner.

Today I read Neil Hickey's description of his encounter with a flu-stricken
V. Nabokov. They are published in "Adventures in the Scribblers Trade: The
Most Fun You Can Have." (2015).

Adventures in the Scribblers Trade: The Most Fun You Can Have
Por Neil Hickey

In the book's opening lines N. Hickley writes: "This book is neither memoir
nor autobiography. It's an adventure in I-am-a-camera story-telling - about
some of the people and events that passed in front of the observer's lens."

In a special chapter we find a glimpse of the encounter at Cornell reported
in a fluent and informal way. "Unbeknownst to me at that time, Nabokov had
met James Joyce several times in Paris in the 1930's. Had I known that
during out visit, I would have lost all interest in Lolita, and probably in
Nabokov, and demanded to hear every scrap of memory he retained about the
Irish colossus."

Another short excerpt: "Lolita is a verbal phenomenon, that's all, a matter
of imagery and words," Nabokov told me. "I am no messenger boy. If the book
does convey a message, then God bless those who find it. I compose a little
world of my own. I have invented my Lolita, my American, and myself. What
you are going to write about me is your own invention. That is where truth
really is found, isn't it? I'm an American provincial. I don't deal in

Unprotected by his routine of written questions and answers, the opinions
and impressions conveyed by N.Hickley's reports are filled with totally
surprising and strange observations.

Adventures in the Scribblers Trade: The Most Fun You Can Have
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