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Re: THOUGHTS: Shade's Mockingbird/ stiff vane (second thoughts)
Actually, a "stiff vane" is an archery term. The vane is part of the
feather shaft. I have no idea whether that was intended by the
author, but the Vane Sister link seems extremely tenuous to me - -
not to mention awkward. Has anyone noticed any other archery
terminology in PF?

Carolyn Kunin

On Jul 8, 2008, at 4:55 PM, jansymello wrote:

> Matt: Why point out that the vane is "stiff"? Are some vanes
> droopy? It seems like an entirely superfluous adjective. If VN
> needed something there for meter's sake, he could have as easily
> chosen a color or another, more useful, pathetic modifier..
> JM: It just occurred to me that VN's adjective is a clever and
> synthetic rendering to emphasize the difference bt. the motion of a
> vane ( it is not still: its motion suffers and shows the change of
> direction of the wind, aso) and the relative immobility of the TV
> antenna (the Lolita hurricanes are carried inside to be watched in
> a TV-screen). The mockingbird is perched on TV-antennae, not on a
> real vane?
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