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RES: [NABOKV-L] a branch...will bloom in the smoke-colored air.
A.S: "In his poem Slava ("Fame," 1942) VN mentions Apollon (an Apollo
butterfly) that he has missed in childhood [ ] The author's mysterious
visitor (presumably, the devil himself) compares his host to bazarnyi fakir
(a bazaar fakir)[ ]

"your unfortunate books/without soil, without path, without ditch, without
threshold,/will be shed in a void where you brought /forth a branch,/as
bazaar fakirs do (that is, not without faking),/and not long will it bloom
in the smoke-colored air."

JM: I wonder if fake fakirs, or penitential pilgrims, are indicated in the
lines about an elm, here copied from ADA in Aqua's ravings: "a half-Russian,
half-dotty old doctor, doc, toc, ditty, dotty, ballatetta, deboletta... [
]stop that record, or the guide will go on demonstrating as he did this very
morning in Florence a silly pillar commemorating, he said, the 'elmo' that
broke into leaf when they carried stone-heavy-dead St Zeus by it through the
gradual, gradual shade."

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