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more mir
On Feb 18, 2008, at 11:51 AM, Fet, Victor wrote:

> Russian мiр (world) should not be confused with homophonic мир
> (peace), as in “Войнa и мир” (“War and Peace”).

Dear Victor Fet,

Thank you for this information, which I probably should have known
but did not. For those interested in such things, I saw a copy of the
first edition of “Войнa и мир” at the Los Angeles Book
Festival a few days ago. It was brought by a French dealer and priced
at $105,000. It was in six rather slender volumes, covered with
"shagreen" which made them look for all the mir like accounting
books. The same dealer offered a first edition of Madame Bovary with
an inscription by Floebear himself at only $78,000!

Carolyn Kunin


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