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More one damned mind after the other

On Mar 15, 2009, at 5:35 AM, Nabokv-L wrote: See my recent request for
how all the other characters fit in your theory. —SKB

Dear litarariStan,

I am sorry I missed that request. The short answer is that everyone in
New Wye has their Zemblan counterpart -– at least everyone important,
with the very interesting exception of Hazel. Hazel and Kinbote seem
to have a different relationship which I haven't really tried to work
out. I do recall that K does make some reference to it — I think he
says he feels particularly close to her, but why?

Anyway, per your request here they are in no particular order:

–– Sybil is also Disa, also Sylvia
–– Aunt Maud is also the Countess de Fyler
–– Fleur de Fyler is "the wench" Shade was forced to satisfy sexually,
possibly a lesbian paramour of Aunt M, or offspring thereof (I have
sometimes thought that the fact that she seems to be Canadian might
implicate Sybil, but am not prepared to defend that speculation
(forgive bad pun).
–– King Charles Xavier Vseslav is John Francis Shade of course

The king's parents are Shade's, his boyfriends are Shade's repressed
fantasies of happy-snappy homosexuality, the tutors I just recently
figured out, but can't locate them now.

The "crown jewels" are the index cards on which the poem PF was written.

I'm sure there's more, and certainly I have sent arguments defending
all of these to the List years ago and they should therefore be
accessible in the archives, where you are welcome to delve away to
your heart's content and gratis, of course. Hope this helps, ––

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