NABOKV-L post 0017936, Sat, 14 Mar 2009 15:18:09 -0700

that li'l ol' cherry-picker, moi
Sorry you found this "incomprehensible." I find your answer all-too-
comprehensible. It's what I and others are calling "cherry-picking"
the evidence.

Dear SKB (afSTaNisghan?)

I accept this cherry-picking charge with alacrity - - in fact it is
exactly what I do. My claim, though, is that Nabokov left those
cherries in the pudding for me and others to find. I remember taking
(and passing with alacrity) a test for entry to MENSA (does it still
exist I wonder?) when I was in high school. The problem had something
to do with two racing cars and there must have been fifty or more bits
of information in the problem. I got bored and after reading the
question posed at the end, realized that in order to answer the
question I only needed two or three bits of information. I then went
back and quickly found those relevant bits and solved the problem in a
few minutes.

You, Jansy and your ilk are still fooling around with how many miles
three of the four tires had and wondering what influence this could
have on the race between Shadeans and Kinboteans (or whatever it is
you do wonder about) while I have been waiting for you at the finish
line. But since Jansy does not care if she ever gets there, and
probably neither do you, I really had better find a more promising way
of passing the time!


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