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Re: a bit of S in K

On Mar 8, 2009, at 6:54 PM, jansymello wrote: it is still possible
to conjecture that Kinbote had been referring to himself (your
favorite=my favorite) ...

Dear Jansy,

I am feeling a little slow - - could you give me another example where
"your x" = "my x" (spare me casas) or explain what you mean. I can't
see it. I'm also not sure if you are arguing for this interpretation?

Jansy also wrote: the composite Jekyll can be horrified at Hyde...
while Hyde is in action ( not when he stares at himself in the mirror
and finds Hyde or feels his evil inclinations while recognizes them as
also being his own).Cp. with "Hyde persona's actual activities"
instead of "the theoretical nature" of Kinbote's.

I would also like to clarify that just because J&H helps the reader
understand PF, it does not necessarily follow that the situations in
the two stories are the same. Nabokov has changed the relationship
between the two personae - - instead of the shifts back and forth as
in J&H, in PF one persona "is shot" and is succeeded by the other.
Once Shade goes insane he is "dead" in a psychic but very real way. He
will not return except in the memory of those who knew and loved him
and in the ravings of Kinbote - - and in his poetry of course.


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