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a bit of S in K

On Mar 8, 2009, at 5:53 AM, jansymello wrote: I'll be convinced by
your interesting theory after you show Shadian bits and pieces shining
thru, or around K

Dear Jansy,

Wonderful - - a potential convert! There are indeed "Shadian bits and
pieces shining thru .. K." And Kinbotean bits lurking in Shade as
well. I think I can find one of the former on page one. Let me see --
yes, page one, paragraph two:

The short (166 lines) Canto One, with all those amusing birds and
parhelia, occupies thirteen cards. Canto Two, your favorite ....

I argue that this is John Shade addressing Sybil. If not, who is
Kinbote addressing? No one has read Pale Fire yet except Shade, Sybil
and Kinbote, so to whom is Kinbote talking? I don't at the moment
recall another example, I hasten to say before you ask. But there is
also a memorable (to me) intrusion of Kinbote's voice into Canto One
of the Pale Fire poem:

l. 160 My health improved, I even learned to swim
But like some little lad forced by a wench
With his pure tongue her abject thirst to quench,
I was corrupted ....

The dream you mentioned is the BIGGY of course.


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