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Kunin replies to Aisenberg

On Mar 7, 2009, at 8:17 PM, joseph Aisenberg wrote:

I'll guess you'll have to forgive me, I haven't gone back into the
archives to explore your arguments.

Dear Mr Aisenberg,

Of course I forgive you, but our editor will not forgive me if I re-
hash too many of my old arguments. In my response to Jansy I gave a
simplified "in a nutshell" kind of re-phrasing of my interpretation of
Pale Fire. If that stimulates your interest I really can only suggest
a trip to the archives. I'm willing to attempt to clarify any
particular question and to rebut any misunderstandings and will answer
all complaints, but short of writing a thesis I don't think I can
satisfy your too general dissatisfaction. If I'm too old to
contemplate marriage with Mr Kelly-Bootle I'm certainly too old to
contemplate thesis-writing for your benefit or even my own. I am a
happily retired fat little old lady in Pasadena and wish to remain so.

But since you did bring up Hyde's "assaulting and crushing bones with
apish glee" I will tell you that the name Kinbote refers to Mr Hyde's
first crime and its consequence to Dr Jekyll. Another tidbit you can
easily check yourself in Pale Fire is that although Shade is as
educated as Kinbote, Shade is always "Mr Shade" and Kinbote always "Dr

I know I sound a bit churlish - - of course I'm glad that my thoughts
on Pale Fire are getting another airing on the List, so I do most
sincerely thank you for your interest,


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