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Re: Three Faces of Eve
On Feb 28, 2009, at 2:47 PM, joseph Aisenberg wrote:
That's a very interesting idea. What makes you think so? Is it to do
with Kinbote's possible real life identity as Botkin? In like a real
plot analogy sort of way, or do you have specific passages which
strike you as being allusions. By the way I love the three faces of
Eve as well.

Dear Joseph,

There are word-clues throughout Pale Fire that link it with those
works, which you'll notice have the theme of multiple personality in

- the word "kinbote" is a link to Jekyll and Hyde;
- the words "parahelion" and "cresset" are links to another work I
didn't mention, Hogg's Confessions of a Sinner;
- Sybil Vane is the actress who is loved and destroyed by Dorian Gray,
- the repeated word "ditch" is a link to the book "The Three Faces of
Eve." This word may also appear in the movie - - I'll be listening
with interest tomorrow!


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