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Zolotusskii I.P.
Proshchai, XX vek! Russkie pisateli: Sokrovennye vstrechi | Farewell to the XXth Century! Russian writers: Secret Meetings.
M.: Algoritm, 2008. 288 p. Hard. ISBN 978-5-9265-0341-5. 2000 copies. In Russian.
This book by a famous literary critic, writer of political essays and Solzhenitsyn Literary Prize-winner Igor Zolotussky comprises the portraits of Russian writers of the XXth century, among them Vladimir Nabokov, Alexandr Solzhenitsyn, Vladimir Maksimov, Vasil Bykov, Andrei Platonov, Alexandr Tvardovsky. The author provides a detailed description of their personal and creative life, their works and achievements and presents his own recollections.
$26.00 (Item no. M78978)

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