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Re: "-lets"
A goblet is a glass with a stem, so the primary meaning of the goblets in *
Ada*, Part 1, Ch. 8 (thanks to Ada Online), is that they appear to hold
light as if it were wine. I don't know whether any of the meanings of "gob"
is relevant.

A landaulet is a car with a convertible roof over the back seat but a
permanent roof or no roof over the front. I had to look that up at <>, which is a good place to look up English words, as is <>.

In addition to the "faunlet" in *Pale Fire*, which Hafid Bouazza mentioned,
Humbert says that when he met Annabel he was a faunlet in his own right.
Like Jansy Mello, I've wondered why the "l" in "faunlet", and thought it was
euphony as she suggests. Or maybe "faunet" would have looked too French?

Jerry Friedman

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