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Fw: [NABOKOV-L] Small notes on Pale Fire and TOoL
In the Nabokov&Wilson letters, VN remembers Freud's theories while looking at the Tetons ("teats"). In "Pale Fire" there is a reference to "nippern," which might indicate "nipples"( "The nippern (domed hills or "reeks") to the south were broken by a rock and grass slope into light and shadow...), in a similarly domed mountain range dislocated to Zembla. Perhaps this has been noted before but only now did I register it (full breasts are not something I associate to VN's female characters).
Kinbote copied a paragraph in his notebook ( note to line 929): "By picking the nose in spite of all commands to the contrary, or when a youth is all the time sticking his finger through his buttonhole... the analytic teacher knows that the appetite of the lustful one knows no limit in his phantasies.(Quoted by Prof. C. from Dr. Oskar Pfister, The Psychoanalytical Method...), as if he were disdainful of its ancient but familiar suggestive potential. How about TOoL's: "tickly-looking little holes ... the pin-sized pawns penetrated easily"?
VN's hostilities towards Freud remained, even in TOoL (both had at least one thing in common: they thought they deserved a Nobel Prize), a fascinating fact in itself.

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