NABOKV-L post 0018580, Tue, 15 Sep 2009 21:42:00 -0300

Re: THOUGHTS: Pale Fire and The Cream of the Jest
JM:First of all a correction for "wizard" and "folkloric" ( in a past message about Jerry Friedman's curious discovery related to "Pale Fire" and "The Cream of Jest".)
And news about a sighting which has been sent, off list, by Stan Kelly-Bootle, from Hugh Muir's Diary at

"Panic at the London Evening Standard yesterday where the theatre critic Henry Hitchings filed his review of Lolita at the National Theatre, only to learn that no one at HQ could locate his copy. The panic starts early there – 5am – with production staff looking at the clock and imploring him to file again. Why couldn't he communicate with them. No one could understand it. Enter a hero computer boffin. The firewall, he explained, was rejecting the word Lolita. So Hitchings had to re-file substituting Lolita throughout with the less troublesome "Fishfingers". Relieved production staff re-inserted all the Lolitas at the other end."

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