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Tribute from a (very) buff Orpington
To the List,

I haven't addressed the List in many a moon, but I thought you would
enjoy a Nabokovian romp I witnessed. Jansy and Carolyn began this
anniversary morning with a charming (if we do say so ourselves) ramble
on one of our favorite topics, "the egg and ....".

Let me see, it all began with Carolyn asking Jansy if by "Eysenstein"
in a recent posting she didn't really mean "Eyestein." Jansy then
corrected Carolyn's misspelling to "Eystein" and further imagined
when queried, that the "ey" could refer to a german egg or an english
self. We thought this was terrifically interesting.

This then reminded Carolyn of "The Egg and I" (a wonderfully humorous
book about raising chickens by Betty MacDonald) --- which in turn
lead Jansy to recall a restaurant that Pnin patronizes called "The Egg
and We." Which lead Carolyn to recall a delightful restaurant that
used to serve omlettes across the street from the Los Angeles Museum
of Art called "The Egg and the Eye."

A google later she was able to produce some details on this unique

Edith Wyle 1918 - 1999
During the 1960's, in search of her own true interests, which lay in
the realm of food, crafts and folk art, she conceived of and opened an
innovative restaurant and folk art gallery called The Egg and the
Eye. Located on Wilshire Blvd. in Los Angeles, The Egg and The Eye
immediately became fashionable with both the arts and business
crowd, as its mezzanine restaurant served 54 kinds of omelets in a
very elegant setting and the gallery and shop had exotic folk arts
and crafts from around the world.

Edith Wyle of "The Egg and the Eye"

Betty MacDonald of "The Egg and I" (book 1945, film 1947)

Which finally leads us to the question: If Pnin was written in 1957
was the name of the restaurant a coincidence?

Little Childe, :> (her sign) a buff Orpington hen residing and
striding in Pasadena

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