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the meaning of preterist

On Mar 29, 2009, at 7:06 PM, Stan Kelly-Bootle wrote: * btw: Speaking
of incorporation, Kinbote, in a preterist mood, thought he'd found an
incorporated Zemblan counterpart of the Elder Edda (line 79): "The
wise at nightfall praise the day,/ The wife when she has passed away,/
The ice when it is crossed, the bride/ When tumbled, and the horse
when tried."
> Unfortunately I couldn't find the missing link in note and quote.

Dear Sir,

This does raise the still unresolved question of the word preterist in
Pale Fire. Do you in saying "in a preterist mood" pun on the
grammatical meaning of the word, or something else? What do Shade &/or
Nabokov mean by it? Why "cold nest"? Is this a joke? a reference to
ornithological/parental neglect? Does this have anything to do with
the theological meaning of preterist?

Any suggestions?

p.s. Perhaps skb could explain his note, which I admit to finding

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