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a little Nabokov/Pushkin bibliography

On Mar 25, 2009, at 9:14 AM, Sandy P. Klein wrote:

Andrew Kahn
392pp. Oxford University Press. £55 (US $110).
978 0 19 923474 5

To the List,

First a little personal business to get out of the way:

I bid Carmenolyn a brief farewell yesterday as she ran to catch a bus
to JPL. I don't think we'll be hearing from her anymore.

But since I live on, google on, etsy etsy, I thought I'd take a little
trip on the Amazon, following on the trail of Andrew Kahn and Pushkin
that Sandy Klein announced above. I was rewarded with a glimpse of
Nabokov that same area.

If you go there, you too will find three volumes of Two Hundred Years
of Pushkin (or was it two volumes of three hundred years?) and though
they all mention Nabokov, volume I has an article by by Christopher
Veldhus (I;m not making this up) entitled "Love and Death in Pushkin's
Stone guest and Nabokov's Death", and our own Priscilla Meyers has an
article in Volume II with the intriguing title "How the Bronze
Horseman was made" (I expect some interesting metallurgy to come from
that one, but little or no Nabokov).


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