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the original of ADA
On Mar 25, 2009, at 6:49 AM, Sergei Soloviev wrote about "the
programming language "ADA" ...."

Dear Sergey,

The "ADA" referred to is the fascinating Lady Ada Lovelace (née Byron
-- yes that Byron) whose mathematical work lay the foundation for
computer languages. There are several recent biographies, including
one called Bride of Science (Mary Shelley/Hollywood ref?) and the
child in the Tom Stoppard play "Arcadia" of a few years back is
probably based on her.

Russophiles will also be interested in Stoppard's trilogy of plays
based on the lives of Herzen, Bakunin, Belinsky and Turgenev, "The
Coast of Utopia."


p.s. to Jerry F. : Zuckerman is too late, then? I was afraid of that.
Schade (rhymes with Ada).

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