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de fencing lessons
On Mar 21, 2009, at 5:20 PM, jansymello wrote: Carolyn, Duchess de
Fyler and Countess Fleur taken together reveal not only a
"defilement" but a "deflowering". ... btw - CTaH wrote: "Prends
garde a toi!" and I know you are familiar with operas (Bizet's
"Carmen"), therefore ye must be aware of the double-entendre addressed
to you, o brown-limbed Carmencita...

Jansy dear,

I don't presume to understand more than half of your note which
appears to be addressed to me (o brown-limbed carmencita!?) but I will
address what I think I did understand.

Though I hadn't noticed the [de] Fleur/De Fyler point that you unveil,
this does fit in with my conjecture that Sybil might have been both
the "wench" and the wife. And to continue with our de-fencing
lesson .... When he wrote "prends garde a toi" -- perhaps our Scouse
mathematician simply mistook a french "one" for a french "two"?


p.s. Quel double entendre?

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