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the sans of time and logic
This morning skb wrote: I have sympathy over your overt rejection of
"logic" (see your reply to my IF/THEN options) but remind you that
behind the scenes, as it were, your brain continues to protect your
life and sweet-brown, tempting Pasadeen limbs [Keep to your point -
ED] by quietly applying Boolean Algebra to your neuronal-synaptical
network, in order to direct your every thought and action as safely &
rationally as possible (see any of the many Darwin-birthday books on
cognitive evolution).


First of all, I never rejected logic, did I? How could I? As you
mention it is as necessary to our well-being as, well as sun-shine
presumably (you do presume sir however about the color of my limbs). I
was not refusing logic, but merely refusing to tackle, even
platonically, the penguin-less Mr Popper whose permission I do not
require to pursue my own interpretation of VN or anything else for
that matter. Isn't philosophy, like mathematics, a young man's game?


p.s. Please tell your bold, fresh spell-chucker that it is spelled

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