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Dyson? Wow!
On Mar 17, 2010, at 9:27 AM, Pifer, Ellen wrote:

Brian Boyd’s essay on the interaction of evolution and creativity,
“Purpose-Driven Life”--which appeared in the Spring issue of The
American Scholar-- has been selected by the eminent physicist (and
frequent contributor to The New York Review of Books), Freeman Dyson,
for 2010 inclusion in The Best American Science and Nature Writing.

Hats off to Brian!
Ellen Pifer

Wow - - I am impressed! I have known and highly respected Freeman
Dyson since the mid-seventies when I read Refusednik - Trapped in the
USSR for which, as a friend and with respect as a colleague, he had
written the introduction. As he wrote, this is a book about an
extraordinary man, a great physicist named Mark Azbel, who was one of
the first "refusedniks" to escape the "KGBeast" state and make his
way to Israel. I have mentioned his autobiography to the List in the
past because of Mark Azbel's incredible ability even as a youngster
to find and understand Russian and european literature, at the time
not sanctioned by the state. He even knew about Nabokov remarkably
(hm) early.

I also respect Professor Dyson for his well-reasoned and judiciously
expressed contrarian opinions on global warming.

Three cheers for Brian Boyd (I guess I'll have to read the essay now?)!

Carolyn Kunin

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