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du Maurier & VN
On Mar 4, 2010, at 5:41 PM, Jansy wrote: How familiar would Nabokov
have been with du Maurier? With the "incubus/succubus" lore, so
pervasive in "The Enchanter" and in "Lolita", less so in his other
novels related to seduction and "influence" ?

Dear Jansy

You and I (Jansy & Carolyn) have discussed this before. Although a
trilby is a kind of hat (named for the hat worn by the heroine in du
Maurier's Trilby), in the context of other references to hypnosis and
multiple-personality disorders in Pale Fire I took it to be a
reference to du Maurier's novel:

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Subject: J&H not the only clue to PF puzzle solution
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I have the impression that your hypothesis concerning the identity of
CK and
JS would become richer and more workable as a thing Nabokovian, if RLS's
novel and allegories were less emphasized.

Dear Jansy,

All I can say in my own defense is that I took my clues from Pale Fire.
There are many references to the Jekyll and Hyde story in Pale Fire,
starting with the name Kinbote. VN's lecture on J&H seems to make
to PF, too - - for just one example Hyde is described as a tape-worm, a
parasite of Jekyll just as Kinbote is described as a botfly, a
parasite of

But you are right. This is only one among other clues that lead me to
multiple-personality solution.

There are for example references to hypnotism, which I have read was
"anathema to Freud" but indispensable in the studies of multiple
personality - - trilby, autoneurypnological , and John [?] Coates
to James Braid* who invented the word "hypnosis" to replace the older
scientifically inappropriate terms mesmerism and magnetism.

There are also references to "The Picture of Dorian Gray" and "The Three
Faces of Eve" - - not to mention Alice through the Looking Glass, in
Alice often puzzles over her own identity.

My argument is that other many sets of literary and historical of
in the novel did not seem to me to solve the puzzle, whereas these
multiple-personality references , along with the hidden-in-plain-sight
references to "strokes" and the brilliant depiction of cerebral stroke
the escape-from-Zembla, and the "G, K, S" [yes, Jerry - -
alphabetical, of
course] did combine to form a key which fit and turned in the lock.


* Does anyone besides me remember Coates & Braid thread and notions?

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