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riddle re-think
To the List,

I just would like to mention that I may be making more of the riddle
than is actually there. It may simply express the idea that "the other
world" is some sort of mirror world that one "crosses" into upon
leaving this one.

So, if the W in Wye is not part of the puzzle, then the riddle becomes
a simple palindrome:
"ZestY SKaters crossed at eXe and wYe" or "Z Y SK:X Y Z."

As Mr Lipon notes the "special frost" may simply mean an extra-hard
frost that would make crossing possible at fast-flowing the "neck".

On the other hand, a reference to Lochinvar, who arrived late at his
own wedding and ended up Hades-like abducting his bride may be lurking
in the lochan. So might Shade somehow be Hades after all? I have long
suspected Shade had more than a little to do with Hazel's death
(Hazel's shade).

Haven't you & Tiffany discussed something approaching this, Matt?

NY Lora C

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