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Red Wop Explained
On Feb 20, 2010, at 5:37 AM, jansymello wrote quoting Poincare on

To understand the game is wholly another matter; it is to know why the
player moves this piece rather than that other which he could have
moved without breaking the rules of the game. It is to perceive the
inward reason which makes of this series of successive moves a sort of
organized whole. This faculty is still more necessary for the player
himself, that is, for the inventor."*

Dear Jansy,

Poincare seems to back me up in my "insistent" questioning. You find
another reference where in a letter to VN his then friend Wilson
refers to his habit of making sets such as powder/red wop and jump to
the conclusion that this must explain "why the player moved this piece
rather than that". I am looking for a more satisfying explanation. I
still (insistently) fail to see why this is "wonderful", what it has
to do with Hazel, or in what way it could be interpreted as a "dig" at

If no one can come suggest another explanation, perhaps best not prod
it further and just drop it for now?

NY Lora C

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