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Kinbote mentions John Shade's love of "word-golf" (819 PF). Wondering if it's been noticed before that his examples (MALE/LASS, LOVE/HATE, LIVE/DEAD) are examples of motifs in Pale Fire?

Not only are they contrapuntal themes of the union of opposites (a Jungian/alchemical concept) but the examples themselves reflect themes of the book.

I am writing a thesis on the influences of C.G. Jung in Pale Fire (title: Art, Alchemy and Failed Transcendence), so I see the "MALE/LASS" and the "LOVE/HATE" relevant to the animus/anima theory of Jung, including Kinbote's homosexuality and the role of Sybil. "LIVE/DEAD" clearly reflects the "Hereafter" themes, as well as Shade's death.

The "gradations" from LIVE to DEAD also exhibit themes:

LIVE = quest for afterlife
LINE =Poetry
LANE=Lane where S & K live
LAND=Zembla, Arcadia
LEND=Sun lends Moon its pale fire
DEAD=S and G and possibly K

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