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larvae & instars or Krolik: breeding or feeding?
Dear Jansy and the List,

Although as Jansy well knows, Ada is my least favorite VN novel, now
that my name has come up, I may as well follow it by sticking my own
nose in and ask the as yet unasked question: why does Ada put those
larvae (which larvae, by the way - - do we know?) in with Krolik's
body? Any theories (I have one of my own, of course).


On Jan 16, 2010, at 8:35 AM, jansymello wrote:

C. Kunin (2003) "Madame Blavatsky had some very strange ideas about
Lemurians that might have appealed to Nabokov. There may be a link to
those lemans in Ada, but I don't know."

"Dr Krolik received from Andalusia and kindly gave me five young
larvae of the newly described very local Carmen Tortoiseshell. They
are delightful creatures, of a beautiful jade nuance with silvery
spikes, and they breed only on a semi-extinct species of high-mountain
willow (which dear Crawly also obtained for me)."

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