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[NABOKOV-L] [Sighintg] Wiktionary on LOGODAEDALY & PF's" lien dédalien"
Wiktionary on "logodaedaly"
From Ancient Greek ????? (logos, "word") + ???????? (Daidalos, "Daedalus, a skilled craftsman of Ancient Greek mythology") + -y.
Noun: logodaedaly (countable and uncountable; plural logodaedalies)
(rare) Skill or cleverness in the coining of new words

1826, Samuel Bailey, A Letter to a Political Economist, "In questions of philosophy or divinity, that have occupied the learned, I could bring ten instances of logodaedaly, or verbal legerdemain, which have perilously confirmed prejudices, and withstood the advancement of truth, in consequence of the neglect of verbal debate, i. e. strict discussion of terms."
1955, Vladimir Nabokov, Lolita, Vintage (1997), ISBN 978-0-67972316-5, page 249,
"He mimed and mocked me. His allusions were definitely highbrow. He was well-read. He knew French. He was versed in logodaedaly and logomancy."
2001, Lewis O. Saum, Eugene Field and His Age, University of Nebraska Press, ISBN 978-0803242876, page 238,
In "Sharps and Flats," the reader might well get instruction on the proper use of farther and further or an essay on logodaedaly.

(quite rare) A skillfully or cleverly coined new word.
Related terms: logodaedalian/ logodaedalist/
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Annotated Lolita: Logodaedaly (p.425, 250/1): "to prove that he is versed in logodaedaly (the arbitrary or capricious coining of words), H.H. the logomachist creates his own word..." (logo-machist?)

NB: My praise to PF's French translator!
Pale Fire: "Some kind of link-and-bobolink" (812)
Feu Pâle: "quelquer lien dédalien."
Cf. Nab-L, October 2010, # 54

In "Ada", original H.H's "logomancy" may become, in Ada's hands, a convoluted "Logogryph"

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