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Re: Botkin & Zoshchenko
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skylark05@MAIL.RU writes:
> In a conversation with Kinbote Shade mentions Zoshchenko as one of the
> great Russian humorists. I notice that in his Golubaya kniga ("The Blue Book",
> 1934) Zoshchenko speaks of Vasiliy Botkin ("a friend of Belinsky and
> Nekrasov"), his aestheticism and phenomenal stinginess. Another character in
> Zoshchenko's book is the Russian empress Anna Ioannovna who wanted to buy a
> big diamond for her crown. At the last moment the deal collapsed, and the
> author imagines the empress weeping and calls her, rather disrespectfully, a
> cow ("Naverno revela. Korova"). One remembers the korona-vorona-korova
> (crown-crow-cow) series of misprints mentioned by Kinbote in Pale Fire.
> Pity I didn't know about it when I wrote my note on the crown jewels in
> Pale Fire. But then it's not too late to add a few gems to my piece.
Where is this in PF? I can't recall it.

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