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Fw: [NABOKV-L] THOUGHT: the whole codology PS
PS: I made a misleading remark when, in my footnote,I wrote about "a personal truth," without enclosing it in commas. This kind of "egoic truth" results from opinions, ideals, prejudices, wishful thinking and transient meaningfulness. "Truth", in contrast with "meaning," in psychoanalysis marks, unwaveringly, the unconscious processes of the "subject". It is totally unrelated to hermeneutics or to semiology, so I'm sorry to have unwttingly introduced it here, except to stress that, from the twenties onward, Freud ceased to work as an "hermenaut," as indicated by Piers Smith.

btw: Thanks to Jim Twiggs for the amusing link to the urban dic definition of "codology." If human life should follow a set "codology," we'd only need to find a "universal key" to end all our troubles and... vital fun.

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