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Re: Exhibit of Alfred Appel's collection of Baskin's art
Thank you for this. For those of us who do not live in Delaware, here is a
website where some of the paintings donated by the Appels may be viewed:

On Sun, Sep 26, 2010 at 3:34 PM, Pifer, Ellen <epifer@english.udel.edu>wrote:

> An exhibition of 70 works by the contemporary American
> artist, Leonard Baskin (1922-2000)—mainly his prints, etchings, and
> drawings--just opened at the Delaware Art Museum. The collection is a gift
> donated to the museum by Alfred Appel, Jr. and his wife, Nina, and includes
> some handcrafted cards and correspondence by Baskin to Alfred. Many of
> Alfred’s relatives, as well as his widow, flew in from various parts of the
> U.S. to attend the opening last Saturday. Unfortunately, I did not find out
> about it until the next day. I did have a chance to speak with Danielle
> Rice, the museum’s director, who told me that the Appels had donated the
> collection last year--before Alfred’s sudden death—and that she had greatly
> looked forward to meeting him at the opening.
> Included in this impressive exhibit are a charming photo of
> Alfred and a display of his books—among them *The Annotated Lolita *and *Nabokov’s
> Dark Cinema.* I was saddened, once again, by Alfred’s loss but cheered by
> a (positively Nabokovian) quote from Baskin on the subject of pop art: “it
> ranges from the inedible to the unspeakable.”
> The exhibit runs until January 9th.
> Ellen Pifer
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