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Re: Oscar Nattochdag
Alexey Sklyarenko:Immediately after submitting my latest message to the List I realized that Oscar Nattochdag (nicknamed Netochka) was a namesake of Oscar Wilde...I recall that Carolyn Kunin recommended to the List "The Picture of Dorian Gray" ... Sybil Vane, a character in Wilde's novel who commits a suicide (as does her namesake in VN's story The Vane Sisters)? The name of Shade's wife is also Sybil, of course.

JM: Where's Carolyn, where Sandy Klein? Ou sont les neiges d'antan? Will there be novels by Nabokov (or Fulmerford) on offer thru Kindlebooks and other marvellous modern accessories?

You know, Alexey, as soon as you connected Nattochdag and bisexual Wilde, something else occurred to me in relation to "night and day." Couldn't these contrasting pairings also indicate, by metaphor, Shade's, or Housman's "double-blade Gilette" and "double-edged" bisexuality? If so, their reccurrence at various moments, should have to be examined (Naimann, help?)

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