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{NABOKOV-L] [SIGHTING] Lolita's fame ...Bernard Schlink
At the end of chapter nine of "Das Wochende", 2008, O Fim de Semana, 2010) by B. Schlink, there is a scene where a father is contemplating his adolescent daughter who is asleep. "Ulrich could never understand fathers who felt attracted by their adolescent daughter, nor Humbert. Humbert, who couldn't love the female in Lolita, but the child. But he could understand every father and teacher who felt overwhelmed by the their daughter's or pupil's femininity..." (my translation)

There's nothing Nabokovian in the book, inspite of this mention of Lolita's and Humbert's name. But it's a sigthing, I suppose... There are two worlds, in a sense, one in which it is Lolita who is famous (not Nabokov, as he once affirmed in an interview) and, the other, where the laurels are entirely Nabokov's.

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