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Re: THOUGHTS: Parasites
B.Boyd: Have people forgotten Jim Ramey's article on the botfly? Ramey, James. “Parasitism and Pale Fire’s Camouflage: The King-Bot, the Crown Jewels and the Man in the Brown Macintosh.” Comparative Literature Studies, 42 (2004), 185-213.

JM: A good reminder!

While I searched for references to Phanes in various dictionaries of symbolism and mythology, vain, hoping to find the Pythagorean link to the mysteries of Eleusis, I came across another side-curiosity.Among the folkloric tales of the American Indians, specically referred to the Cree, there is a legend about a Great Beaver (The Blackfoot Indian also mention a magical Beaver and two rival brothers, Nopatsis and Akaiyan.) What I found interesting in the Cree's legend is that this Great Beaver, on being attacked by "Wisagatcak, the Trickster," cast a spell forcing a muskrat to bite the trickster's behind and cause him to miss his target. The magical beaver, in both legends, is a real animal, unrelated to sun and stars.

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