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Re: Scry and mysteries
G.S.Lipon notes that "Scry occurs in Eliot's Dry Salvages...'To report the behaviour of the sea monster,/Describe the horoscope, haruspicate or scry..'." After his clarification, I suddenly began to doubt that Nabokov has also mentioned the same term. It's present in the overall setting of Pale Fire, as it is in "Ada" with its references to Russian legends (Sklyarenko in his excellent today's posting today mentioned lake Kitzeh ). It may be hidden by Nabokov's plays with mirrors and reflective surfaces, Kinbote's visions into Sudar's crystal triptych... but did Nabokov actually write it down? Crystalomancy could have been inserted by a different word and I was misled by a reference to it. Can anyone help? (btw, thanks, Gary, for helping me to question what, at first, appeared to me as a certainty! Jansy)

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