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Speaking of Vasiliy Botkin (1812-69), the critic and historian of literature S. A. Vengerov (who is mentioned in Ada) compares him to a big bright reflector that makes brighter the poor light of the critic Vissarion Belinsky (or, more likely, it is the other way round: the poor light is Botkin and the bright reflector, Belinsky):

"Приставьте к скромному источнику света большой блестящий рефлектор, и оба вместе они будут бросать яркий свет на далёкое расстояние. Умер Белинский, и Боткин исчезает из истории русской литературы."

Isn't Kinbote's Commentary such a reflector that makes Shade's Pale Fire so much brighter?

Alexey Sklyarenko

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