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RES: [NABOKV-L] PF and Burton and stars
S.B: It has been one of the list's most enervating days, I think, and I'm
full of admiration, gratitude, and more than a little envy towards those
who've produced the day's discoveries (especially those heavy, star-produced
elements in the scissors!). I'm particularly intrigued that Richard
Burton's translations have come up, since I offered his translation of
Catullus as one possible source of the phrase "light of my life" in the
latest Nabokovian--although I preferred Philip Sidney's Astrophil and Stella
in the end. But even there--it's the "star" theme, and one remembers "the
star, the star" from The Gift, Starover Blue in PF, "Gray Star" and "Stella
Fantasia," in Lolita, exploding stars in "Father's Butterflies", and--what
else? I'm sure there's much more, but these are the ones that come
immediately to mind.

JM: Steve,

I should have remembered to check in The Nabokovian for your article
“Notes on a Famous First Line” (N,no.64, Spring 2010), also for the exciting
link with Sir Philip Sidney. While I was hunting for it I came across
Dolinin’s note (N.56, Spring 2006) on Botkin/Kinbote, passing through
O.Henry. The title is “Ods Bod(t)kins”…

The cliché “light of my life” is often heard in Brazil, because of the
Lebanese mothers who address their children in that way (more often, it is
“light of my eyes”) I googled and found it confirmed in a malicious Arab
proverb and in a song.

1. 250 Provérbios Árabes <http://www.hottopos.com.br/collat5/250prov.htm>
: "Meu amigo, meus olhos, luz da minha vida!, .... O efeito é tanto mais
surpreendente quando, ainda há um minuto, o camelo estava calmo, ...
www.hottopos.com.br/collat5/250prov.htm -
BR&ct=clnk> Em cache -
bo=1&sa=X&ei=0iB5TOahD8G88gbmlKCcBg&ved=0CBkQHzAA> Similares

1. CD's
a.html> COISAS DA ARÁBIA: Inta Omri - tradução - você é minha vida

27 jul. 2010 ... Os meus sonhos se encontraram na luz dos seus olhos. Oh,
luz da minha vida... você é mais importante que a minha própria existência!
cdsdaarabia.blogspot.com/.../inta-omri-traducao-voce-e-minha-vida.html -
na+luz+dos+meus+olhos&cd=10&hl=pt-BR&ct=clnk> Em cache

Kouli farha eshtakha min kablak khayali.

Every happiness I was longing for before you.

Eltakaha fi nour a'ainaik kalbi w fikri.

My dreams they found it in the light of your eyes.

Ya hayat kalbi ya aghla min hayati.

Oh my heart's life - You are more precious than my life.

Leih ma kabilni hawak ya habibi badri?

Why I didn't meet your love a long time ago?

Btw: Only after I read Swinburne’s “The Nympholept” did I realize, beyond
the equivalence of words, that Shade must have meant the fusion of earth and
sky, life and death, day and night. After all, “sun and stars” can only mean
that the Sun is the star we find during the day whereas all the other stars
become discernible only after the sun is away…\Nevertheless they are all
there… moving… from night (stars) into day (sun)!

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