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London Sale of Nabokov chess materials

06/05/2010 23:00
Nabokov's manuscripts sold at auction in London

Three lots of direct relevance to Vladimir Vladimirovich Nabokov (1899-1977) , went at auction for the sum of £ 56 , 375 . One of them - the anniversary edition of "Works " AS Pushkin , Pushkin Committee issued in 1937 under the editorship of Professor ML Hoffman (estimate £ 12 thousand to 18 thousand ), was sold for £ 43,250.

This publication is literally carved marks on Nabokov's Russian and English languages , which shows how carefully he worked with the texts of poems by an outstanding poet . Partly this is scanty comments or translate individual words , in some cases, Nabokov makes the fields translations of entire poems, but somewhere there are comments on the significance of a particular usage . On separate sheets of sketches are found - in one place is a sketch of a butterfly, and in another - a sketch of chess combinations.

Publication of " Poems " by Fyodor Tyutchev ( Izdtelstvo "Word " , 1921 ), with notes Nabokov on 35 pages in Russian and English languages, took the hammer for £ 5,625. Collection of 58 sketches of chess problems created in the period since the beginning of 1930 on April 30, 1974 and signed "Vladimir Nabokov", "V. Nabokov" or "VN" (Estimate £ 5,000-8,000), was sold for £ 7,500

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