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On Thu, Aug 19, 2010 at 8:48 AM, Stan Kelly-Bootle <> wrote:

> Two fatidic deaths on August 17, 2010 with interesting VN connections.
> [...]

> Better known to VN-listers, perhaps, is *Sir Frank Kermode *(1919-2010)


> from the little I’ve gleaned so far, FK was not overly fond of VN. I judge
> from just the opening of his snide LRB review (Protonymphet) of VN’s *The
> Enchanter*, translated by DN:
> I’m awaiting access to the full review, which I’m sure is well-known to
> VN-archivists, together with other interactions between FK and VN.
> ...

You may be able to see some of his comments on VN by clicking on the links

That may not work outside the U.S., and anyway his review of *Pale
Fire*is now unavailable. Kermode was one of the few who liked
*Bend Sinister* and took it seriously--you can read that review in full--and
he had high praise for *The Defense*, referring to VN as "this surely great
writer". However, he was unenthusiastic about *Pale Fire*, which he said
offered "only a kibitzer's pleasure".

> PS: more fatidics! My first great-grand-child, a daughter, Elise Rose
> Coxon, was born August 12th, 2010. Same virgulean date as my mother ADA! My
> prezzie was CD of Brendel playing Beethoven’s Bagatelle in A minor.
> Puzzle-lovers will know WHY!

Mazel tov!

Jerry Friedman

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