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Speak, Memory - British Penguin edition 2016 - update
Dear List,

I've been in touch with Penguin UK, and they are looking into the problems with the latest Modern Classics edition of Speak, Memory. They have acknowledged the wrongly printed map, the mention of a preface by Dmitri on the back cover (presumably the one for TOOL), and are investigating how and when the index was revised.

I would recommend that you advise your colleagues/friends/students not to purchase the current edition. Penguin would rather produce a new correct version than recall the existing one, but that may take them some time, and they may not necessarily be in a hurry.

In the meantime, if anyone can identify which edition first incorporated the revised index, and if they know of any explanation for it, I will pass that information on to Penguin.

Many thanks and best wishes,

Barbara Wyllie


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