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New Russian book on VN
For whatever it is woth....a quick and dirty translation of the book announcement.


E.V. Pivanova. Harmony of the Belletristic Text in Nabokov's Metapoetics. Stavropol' 2008

The monograph examines the principles of the harmonic organization of the text in the comprehension of the author himself (the field of VN's metpoetics). A systematic analysis of Nabokov's authorial theory (and) terminology (the language of the metapoetics) in re the harmony of the belletristic text. It also examines the interaction of the metapoetic paradigm with with those of the scientific (??) and linguistic (paradigms).

It is addressed to undergrads, grad students, teachers in philology departments, and Russ. Language and Literature as well as to all who are interested in Nabokov's writings.

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