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Re: THOUGHTS: George Sanders and VN

On May 23, 2010, at 7:42 PM, Dr. José J. Bermúdez wrote: Has nobody
noticed a striking resemblance between the actor George Sanders
and Nabokov?

Dear Dr Bermudez,

Your query made me wonder what I had been missing, since I never did
notice any resemblance. I found this image of the actor, with a pose
that could allow for a comparison (adding a younger Nabokov for

Interestingly or not, Mr Sanders (despite the "help" of seven
psychiatrists) decided to commit suicide on an April 25th.

Carolyn Kunin

p.s. Reading about Mr Sanders' life and his many marriages to many
beautiful women (including two of the Gabor sisters) reminded me of
an interview I heard with Eddy Fisher during the promotion of his
autobiography Been There, Done That. He was asked "What was the best
thing in your life?" To which he promptly responded "that I loved so
many beautiful women." "And what was the worst?" Pause of several
seconds and the reply with a sigh, "that I loved so many beautiful

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