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Carolyn's complaint
On May 16, 2010, at 5:46 AM, Jansy wrote: On May 16, 2010, at 5:46
AM, Jansy wrote: From your description, "Lili" (with its hints of
pedophilia) would make more sense in relation to "Lolita"...Perhaps
the hidden connection might lead us to Nabokov himself, and his
"puppet show."

Sorry, Jansy. I don't see it. Are you arguing that Nabokov knew this
film, or the story? Or are you arguing that Gallico was thinking of
Lolita? What is the point? Lots of young girls are abused in lots of
ways in lots of literature - - what on earth has it got to do with

And since I'm being peevish, let me take this opportunity to make a
general complaint. I have mentioned it before, and ruffled some
feathers, and I think the time has come to re-ruffle. I find
distasteful the tendency on this list to see everything through
nabokovian lenses. Shouldn't we also be looking at him in other,
larger contexts? The world, dear ones, is bigger than Nabokov, not the
other way around.

Alexey looks down on what he calls Soviet provincialism, but I see
this List devolving into extremely provincialism, and, to put it
bluntly, most of it is boring. Why have so many of the people who used
to contribute wittily and intelligently to this List been silent for
years now? The archives are more lively than current discussions, in
my opinion. And I think it is a shame.

I would like to see more discussion about Nabokov in relation to other
writers. I would like to see his ideas discussed and challenged. The
tendency of this List to be worshipful has become, in the words of one
of my favorite characters (not one of Nabokov's) grotesque and

Carolyn Kunin

p.s. Am I excommunicated yet?

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