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Honors and Distinctions from China
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The 2016 Chinese translation of Dr. Kurt Johnson's 1999-2000 book Nabokov's Blues (McGraw-Hill, co-authored with Steve Coates of The New York Times) has received the "Best Nature and Science Book for 2016" award from The Beijing News. A number of articles have appeared in the Chinese media which also include note of Dr. Johnson's 2016 book with Dr. Stephen Blackwell and contributors, Fine Lines (Yale University Press), which was chosen by Nature as a "Top 20 Book" in science for 2016. The Chinese translation of Nabokov's Blues was executed by members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences supervised by an overall editor Liu Lang. Both books recount the legacy of famed Russian-American novelist Vladimir Nabokov and his genius in both science and art. In 2011 Kurt was one of ten scientist co-authors in the Proceedings of the Royal Society of London presenting DNA analysis by the Harvard University DNA laboratory confirming Nabokov's long controversial views of evolution.

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