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Speak, Memory - British Penguin edition 2016 - p.s.
I'm beginning to wonder whether the edition I'm looking at shouldn't have been binned! Not only is the map of Vyra printed in German, but the advertised preface by Dmitri is nowhere to be seen. Penguin should not be putting these editions out for sale!

I wonder whether after all the new index was in fact authorised by Dmitri. It's obviously something I've missed, as I cling on to my old editions!



From: Barbara Wyllie <<>>
Date: Friday, 13 January 2017 at 10:50
Subject: Speak, Memory - British Penguin edition 2016

Dear list,

I have been rather slow to notice this, as I've always worked from a 1990s edition of Speak, Memory, but I've just realised that the latest Penguin edition has revised Nabokov's index, so that not only the layout has changed but it is substantially expanded, also to incorporate the (useful) addition of 'On Conclusive Evidence' (or chapter 16). There is no note to explain why this has been done or who authorised it. I can't believe that Penguin's editors were not aware that the index is essentially part of VN's text, so should not be tampered with. Unless it was agreed with Dmitri when the additional chapter was added in 2000 - it's hard to check...

If anyone knows how this has come about, I'd be grateful to hear. If it is a genuine editorial error, then Penguin need to be informed and the original version reinstated.


Barbara Wyllie

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