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Re: QUERY: A challenge for Nabokovians
Doctor Zhivago--without a second's thought. The novel sucks BTW. Best, Don
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Subject: [NABOKV-L] QUERY: A challenge for Nabokovians

Can anyone identify the author of the following few sentences? I will
tell you that the author wrote in Russian and that these examples are
from a translation into English. I also will divulge that the author
was a contemporary of Nabokov. I would also like to hear, with or
without identifying the author, reactions to these few excerpts:

"Outside there was no trace of the road ... nothing but the blizzard,
the air smoking with snow. .... Turning over and over in the sky,
length after length of whiteness unwound over the earth and shrouded

"In the kitchen garden there was nothing except some acacia bushes
around the wall .... With each blast of wind the acacias danced as if
possessed then lay down flat along the path."

"How enchanting this place was! Orioles kept making their clear three-
note calls, stopping each time just long enough to let the countryside
suck in the moist fluting sounds down to the last vibration. A heavy
fragrance, motionless, as though having lost its way in the air, was
fixed by the heat above the flower beds. This brought back memories of
Antibes and Bordighera."

Carolyn Kunin

p.s. Jansy must be recused, as she knows something of what I'm up to.

p.p.s No googling, please.

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